Sydney Airport SACL Bay 83 Apron Extension (N1004)

Project status: 
Industry sector: 
CFA Piles (Continuous Flight Auger)
Track Mounted
Our Client: 
Fulton Hogan
End Client: 
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
Project Time Frame: 

Key Challenges
- The construction of Bay 83 posed some challenges for SACL, the largest of which was how to retain the eastern extent of the bay which was bounded by a soft ground area and a large pond.  Piling Contractors were engaged to construct a secant piled wall at the eastern extent of the new bay within a very tight timescale. 
- Working “airside” in an operating airport. Coordination of concrete trucks passing through airport security to maintain continuous CFA operation was key to achieving the required production.
- Construction of a secant pile wall adjacent to waterways with stringent controls over environmental contamination
- Careful selection of piling equipment to ensure that SACL limits on weights and heights were adhered to (23m height restriction and 60T weight). We adopted a two rig approach using a BG22 where constraints weren’t so tight and a Mait HR150 for more restricted areas.
- A strict approach to housekeeping and site tidiness was needed to maintain airfield rules concerning loose debris.
- Detailed scheduling of pile installation and concrete supply requirements to ensure efficient construction.
- Adherence to programme – Piling Contractors worked around the Christmas break and into the New Year to ensure that the works were complete over a short period and finished ahead of schedule.

- Increased demand on the airport and increasing airliner sizes meant that usable space on the airfield apron was at a premium so Fulton Hogan were contracted to construct another airliner berthing bay – Bay 83.
- Complete in 3 weeks – 1 week before Christmas shutdown 2011 and 2 weeks in the new year.  All piling was undertaken in 2 weeks early in 2012 after guide wall installation was completed in late 2011.
- Work was carried out under a Lump Sum Subcontract
- Installation of 135no. 600mm diameter piles to depths up to 20m using two piling rigs.
- Installation of bespoke reinforcement cages to protect the secant wall against the possibility of impact from plane tugs.  This required three different reinforcement cage types:

  •   P1 – 6N20 – N10@300mm with 2 additional 28mm dia, 8m long bars on one side of the cage to resist possible impact from the plane tugs
  •   P1A – 8N20 – N10@300mm
  •   P2 – 8N28 – N10@300mm with 2 additional 32mm dia, 11m long bars on one side of the cage to resist possible impact from the plane tugs

Geotechnical conditions
- Fill over soft clay over medium stiff clay then medium dense sand.

Key Plant
- BG22 and Mait HR150 in CFA mode, 2 No. Transcrete Concrete pumps,  20t excavator.